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Dayens Manuetto.


Większy brat kultowego modelu Ampino nagradzanego 6moons REALIZATION AWARD, Stereounderground, highfidelity
Niesamowity stosunek jakość/cena
Moc 2x 70W




Dayens jest przykładem przedsiębiorstwa działającego poza głównym nurtem audio; jego sprzęty hi-fi są niszowe, bo produkowane w niewielkiej manufakturze w krótkich seriach – przez to są mniej znane audiofilom. Jednak każdy, kto miał kontakt z urządzeniami z logo Dayens wie, że oferują one dźwięk, który można określić jednym, ale wielce odpowiednim słowem – kultowy. I nie ma w tym sformułowaniu ani krzty przesady. 








 Nagroda ZeroFidelity
TOP 5 - 2015


Cytat z serbskiego magazynu HiFiles No. 52 from March 2013:
"Homework for competition
As with other
Dayens devices in Menuetto is noticeable great enthusiasm while playing all kinds of materials - it was made ​​by people who are themselves lovers of quality sound and good music, which you can clearly hear from every note. The visual impression is another plus, Menuetto, with it's discreet appearance and combination of classic and modern details, will easily fit into any environment. Finally, as already mentioned, freedom from non-core functions is not considered a minus but a brilliant way to get to the best possible sound at a given price. In this category, Menuetto is the champion."



"After spending a couple of years in audio bliss with the Ampino, I felt the need to scratch my audiophile itch, and upgraded to their higher-end integrated amplifier, the Dayens Menuetto. An upgrade of this caliber requires a great deal of faith in a company and its products for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Dayens products are built in Serbia, and not readily available for audition in the US unless you live near their single US distributor in Georgia, which I do not. That said, I'm extremely happy with my new Dayens Menuetto integrated ($1250) - it offers the same open, lively sound, and extremely wide frequency range (1Hz - 200kHz) from a more powerful 40watts per channel. Output that is more dialed in, and just a touch more refined and dignified than the already excellent Ampino. Think: less "jumpy." "
Steve Kozle, Positive Feedback



"More over, the Dayens amplifiers (now two in my experience) have proven themselves reliable, very quiet in terms of electrical noise, and versatile in terms of preferred speaker pairings. I really wish there were a less clich'd way to convey to you that I really recommend you shortlist the Dayens Menuetto in its respective price range when auditioning amplification; especially if you particularly value tonal beauty but don’t want to put up with some of the added… errr… lets call it fun of owning a tube amplifier."
David Abramson, Stereo Times







 Dayens Manuetto - opinie, review


Moc (Watt):
2x50 / 8 Ohm
2x70 / 4 Ohm
Wejścia RCA:
Pasmo przenoszenia (Hz):
1Hz - 200kHz
Odstęp sygnału od szumu (dB):
Wymiary (mm):
Waga (kg):




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