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Entreq Cleanus.

pasywny filtr zasilania


 Pasywny filtr prądu zmiennego z możliwością podłączenia do uziemienia. Oczyszcza zakłócenia szczególnie wysokoczęstotliwościowe RMI rozładowując je do masy z kondycjonera.
W rezultacie otrzymujemy piękne czarne tło muzyczne, większą przejrzystość i czystość  dźwięku.

The Cleanus is a completely passive mains filter or termed more accurately, a high frequency separator. High frequency interference and other contaminants are dramatically reduced by plugging a Cleanus into your supply. This occurs without any loss of dynamics, life or ‘musicality’ from the system. The result is a pitch black quiet background and an increase in purity and transparency. Each Cleanus unit can itself be grounded to a suitable grounding box for even greater effect.



Entreq Tellus Silver - nagroda Super AV Brands  (Hong Kong) - Outstanding Overal Performance i

StereoTimes (USA) - Most Wanted Component



Fragment recenzji Entreq Minimusa:

 "Od lat staram się zapoznawać czytelników “High Fidelity” z elementami systemu audio, których istnienie jest często zaskoczeniem, a po przyjęciu go do wiadomości, sens ich stosowania poddawany w wątpliwość. To, dla przykładu, platformy antywibracyjne, podkładki antywibracyjne pod urządzeniami i kablami, preparaty poprawiające styk, specjalistyczne listwy sieciowe, specjalistyczne gniazda sieciowe (i wtyki) i wiele innych. Myślę jednak, że wieloletnia edukacja, a także samodzielne próby doprowadziły do sytuacji, w której nie jest to sprawa „wiary”, a decyzji. Ich wpływ na dźwięk jest bowiem jednoznaczny, najczęściej pozytywny.
Nawet dla tak zaawansowanych melomanów-audiofilów, jak państwo, istnienie Minimus firmy Entreq , nazywanego przez producenta „Energy Transforming Equipment”, może być jednak zaskoczeniem i kolejnym stopniem, do przekroczenia którego trzeba się psychicznie przygotować.


To coś w rodzaju „wirtualnej” masy, w której prąd zostaje zamieniony na ciepło.

Rok zajęło mi przełamanie się i wypróbowanie tego produktu. Szkoda, że tak długo czekałem – musicie to państwo sami usłyszeć! Włączenie go do systemu każdorazowo zmienia dźwięk. Nigdy jednak nie chodzi o TAKIE SAME zmiany. Ich klasa, wielkość są podobne, ale wpływ szwedzkiego pudełeczka na dźwięk jest znacznie bardziej złożony. Jeśli dźwięk jest lekko stłumiony – otwiera go, jeśli nieco nerwowy – uspokaja, jeśli jasny – nieco ociepla. Minimus działa tak, jakby wydobywał więcej dźwięków z nagrania, jakby poprawiał jego rozdzielczość. Dlatego z każdą płytą działał inaczej. Zachęcam do wypróbowania nowych produktów Entreqa, TellUs oraz Silver TellUs i podłączania ich w różnych punktach systemu audio. Wyniki będą co najmniej zastanawiające. "


Wojciech Pacuła , (, Audio)





Everything starts with the wallsocket !

Actually you ARE indeed listening to your wall outlet.

Never mind that it´s through more or less sophisticated devices. Ultimately the final sonic result from any music system depends entirely on how well you have managed to deal with all the sources of interference found in and around the Power, Power supplies & the associated Grounding of each and every product in your system. It is that power that is converted into soundwaves and therefore, in our opinion, the power and ground is where you should start when you are trying to build a natural sounding system.

If you dont get it right from the start you will simply be ammeliating inherent problems with further links  down the audio chain. Think of this approach as akin to using a graphic equaliser in your system, while in theory it initially appears to have addressed one problem, it can often cause more fundamental issue's of disatisfaction else where.

As music lovers we have all experienced, in some form or other, the above process & ultimately something is always lost in the musical translation.

ENTREQ Power distribution systems work in three distinct areas. Distribution, Cleaning and subsequent Grounding.

Most of the other brands who manufacture Distribution or Power cleaning products concentrate their work on cleaning the phase. This is in an attempt to obtain a nearly perfect 50/60hz wave form. This sounds good in theory and looks good on paper but in our extensive examination of this critical area and in our opinion, the result is still synthetic, unnatural and compressed. It therefore doesn't actually address the complete and fundamental issue which is about making a greater improvement in AUDIO performance and the pleasure of listening to music! A point to consider and think on - what is it that Electronics manufacturers go to such great lengths to build inside every component they make... Yes a stable power supply for the circuit they have just designed!!

In our examination of this problem we believe that the fundamental issue in the Power network, relative to the sound of our Hifi and ultimately our music, is associated with the Zero and the ground.  Many times in the modern home we are overloaded with products that operate noisy switching power supplies or products that dump noise or field effects directly back in to the mains supply. This of course goes full cycle and so the problem increases! Things like halogen lights,  fluorescent lights, heating pumps, freezers, phone chargers, broadband routers etc are particular culprits. These types of devices typically cause high-frequency interference on the mains but these and other products also litter the ground/earth plane with strong magnetic fields & pulses. This can if in large enough quantities pose a health risks to us humans - but in our terms, as music lovers, this problem negatively effect's our sensitive audio system as it trys to deal with that delicate signal we call music. In addition we have also examined the effect the audio equipment itself has on introducing noise, ripple effect and further magnetic induced field effects, into the power chain as well as the audio signal itself.

All of our mains oriented products are fundamently designed to minimise, reduce or negate all of the above issues.
With Powerus we focus on starground for the outlets, asymmetrical design,cabling with optimized area for handle high frequence, each outlet are feed from one point,and of cource no magnetic material.

PowerUs, Cleanus and our range of Ground Box's are very effective in there own rights but when you hook up a complete system and wire them together with our Eartha cables you really do achieve an outstanding performance, exhibiting a natural, dynamic lively sound with an incredible sense of palpability, freedom and low distortion. This sound can initially be a bit of a culture shock but we are sure with the appropriate guidance from your local agent or dealer you will find a balance and an insight into your music collection.  


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